Doom Eternal Coop Campaign – How Does It Work?

For any WoW addict, it’s all about the Doom Eternal quest line. The first one introduced in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion has just kept us all interested. What makes this quest line so interesting is the coop mission. That’s right, you have to build an effective coop mission for your characters to complete before you head into the main quest of the expansion.

The Concept Of Coop

The concept is quite simple. You and your friends or guild will start in Northrend. Once there you’ll do some initial quests, do some grinding and then finally engage in a 5-man battle. Players will be on their own in this part of the game, so you’ll need to be able to survive.

If you succeed, your character will be rewarded with a powerful item called the Doomstone. This powerful item will grant you additional health, mana, armor and even the ability to cast spells. This makes it very difficult to take down your opposition. You won’t be able to stand on your own for very long, so you’ll want to group up. It’s recommended that players play with a group of three or four; a good suggestion is to play with a group of five.

PvP Or Raid In Doom – Is It A Legit Question?

During this time, players can go PvP or raid, but they’ll only be able to do so while their PvP rank is high. For those that are just starting out, the recommended rank to be at rank 40. If you think that you’re not fast enough to reach that rank, you can always back track a little bit. The goal here is to learn how the game works and get a feel for the modes of play.

Once you’re a member of a group, you’ll notice that there are certain quests that are easier to do when you have more players in them. When you reach a certain number of players, you can do one of these quests as a group. For example, if you do the quest underwater and have a dozen or so people, you can all split the job and do it together. When you’re on a lower level, it’s advised that you do the quests in groups of two or three.

There will be certain monsters that you’ll run into during the course of the game. These include the “Titan” mobs that are found in the Western Plaguelands. They have a lot of hit points and a strong attack, but are vulnerable to a few different attacks as well. Take advantage of this vulnerability by focusing on one individual target and taking them down quickly. When you come across a group of Titans, use the “aggro” trick and take them down one at a time. Keep in mind that you’ll have to use your pets correctly in order to take down large numbers of them.

Once you’ve killed one of the Titans, you’ll need to find their weak points. These weak spots are often surrounded by more durable and harder hitting targets, so look for locations where you can concentrate on them from a strategic point of view. Focus on the largest area of the Titan, and keep pounding away at it until it dies. Then move in and focus on the weak points around it. You’ll quickly rack up lots of kills this way, and be well on your way to topping off the level.

The final part of the sequence involves going to the Titan’s altar. This is where you’ll use your new items. There are a couple of ways to do this, but a preferred one is to “orb” damage with your pets and “stagger” it with the help of “Auras”. You’ll want to keep the weak point covered and the strong point open, so that when you get to the altar you’ll be ready for it. It’s easy to overkill it and kill yourself out of mana before you get to the boss, so be careful.

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